What OUR clients say:

"I needed a total revamp of my living room. Emily delivered. After several years I'm still happy with all of the purchases we made. She also gave me great advice re: furniture placement and space usage in other parts of my apartment. Her advice with color, shape & placement was so valuable. She is a treat of a designer to work with! If you want a modern aesthetic with a bit of funk and fun this is your gal!" - JD & PH - Brooklyn, NY

"Frankly I feel that in the long run Emily has saved us money. So often in the past we would select furniture because we had to time to hit a mall on a Saturday morning and "needed" a couch with some end tables. Too often these rushed choices ended up making us miserable. The couch was too big or there something off about the stain on the end tables. Perhaps the we hadn't really done our homework and the quality of the couch was not what we thought it was. Emily is so thorough in her homework and research that each selection is a balance of design, budget and value. Emily has done all the work to avoid these very expensive mistakes!" - KL, Amherst, NH

"Purple Martin Interiors was fabulous to work with. Through Emily's attention to detail, she helped us transform our home into a an oasis. Emily helped us through the process every step of the way. She put together combinations we would never have thought of, with the end result being a beautiful series of spaces that are both functional and beautiful. Purple Martin Interiors took our “rough idea” and transformed it into a cohesive design." RG, Newport, RI