what is a purple martin?

The Purple Martin (progne subis) is a North American bird. It is the largest of the swallow family and named for its glossy purple feathers.

Purple Martins are very particular about their houses. According to early American settlers, Native Americans hollowed out gourds and erected them to give them shelter. Today their survival continues to be dependent on its ability to nest in man-made birdhouses made of wood or aluminum. Purple Martin houses are usually elaborately and specifically constructed, and require annual care and maintenence. To keep a healthy colony of Purple Martins you must spruce up their house every year.

The name Purple Martin Interiors is an homage to my beloved grandmother Peg Klimkiewicz ("Nana" to me) who took great care to maintain the big white Purple Martin house on her property, and who taught me all about these fascinating birds. Every spring she would clean out and tidy up the birdhouse for the returning birds, and we would wait to see if the Purple Martins would return...