Emily Klimkiewicz - Interior Designer, Purple Martin Interiors

Emily has been designing spaces and helping people with their homes since 2000. She holds a B.A. in Art History and French from New York University, and spent a year studying art and language in Paris, France during her college years. Her career started in the film industry where she worked in the art department on many feature films and tv shows including "The Royal Tenenbaums", "Serendipity", and "Now and Again". 

In 2001 she shifted her focus to interior design and high end furnishings, and after working in showrooms and for other interior designers in New York City for several years opened her own interior design business in 2006.

The name Purple Martin Interiors refers to the bird and is an homage to Emily's beloved grandmother who had a Purple Martin bird house in her yard. She taught Emily from an early age that in order to bring the Purple Martins back every year you must spruce up their house for them. Learn more about Purple Martins and their wonderful houses at http://www.purplemartin.org.

After 23 years in New York City, Emily moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2016 where she currently lives with her husband, two children, and several pets.